Freight Couplers

Automatic Couplers for Freight Trains and Locomotives

The shift of freight traffic from road to rail is one of the megatrends affecting the traffic of tomorrow. In this context, the connecting system of the freight train faces is becoming increasingly important: the automation and digitalisation of the coupling of freight vehicles. Dellner’s couplers for freight trains will make the transport of goods by rail even safer, more effective and more competitive. 

Dellner is one of a select group of suppliers providing Digital Automatic Couplers (DAC) for further integration into the freight rail industry.

Shift2Rail Freight DAC

Shift2Rail Program

Dellner is part of the Shift2Rail initiative. The program estimates that around one million digital automatic couplers will replace screw couplers in new and existing freight wagons and locomotives between 2026 and 2030.

This will make a decisive contribution to the Green Deal with an estimated reduction in emissions of 25 million CO2 equivalents by 2050. 

Dellner DAC

Member of the EDDP enabled by Shift2Rail

As part of the Shift2Rail program, our couplers are extensively tested and validated in accordance with the requirements defined in the European DAC Delivery Program (EDDP).

Dellner has also committed to participate in the next phase of the DAC implementation program.

DAC hybrid

Hybrid Solution for Easier Transition

We have developed hybrid couplers for locomotives to simplify the switch to a Digital Automatic Coupling system. This allows operators to choose between a screw coupler and a DAC, depending on the train configuration, without having to give up the benefits of Digital Automatic Couplers for freight trains. 

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