Foldable Couplers

Low weight and low space requirements at the vehicle interface are general requirements for train connection systems. To meet these requirements, Dellner offers foldable couplers that can be used as service or emergency couplers on light rail vehicles and trams.

They enable a simple, cost-effective and safe connection in daily vehicle operation and offer the possibility of towing out faulty trains. 

Maintainance Dellner Service

Easy Maintenance

Dellner foldable couplers have the advantage of being easy to maintain, as the coupler head can be changed without removing the complete coupler from the train.

Dellner foldable coupler

Flexible Energy Absorption Options

Depending on the requirements of the light railway vehicle to which the foldable coupler is fitted, the couplers are available with light, medium or high energy absorption.

Automatic Foldable Coupler

Optional with Automatic Coupler Head

Dellner offers fully automatic foldable couplers with incorporated crash energy elements to ensure the increased safety of passengers and vehicles.

Select the foldable coupler for your application