Digital Automatic Coupler for Freight Wagons

Dellner is one of a select group of suppliers offering Digital Automatic Couplers (DAC) for further integration into rail freight. At the end of September 2021, the “Latch” type coupler was selected as the basis for the future DAC for the freight rail industry.

Digital Automatic Coupling is not a stand-alone technology, but rather the foundation for “fully digital freight train operations” that will help make the ambitious transformation in European rail freight a reality. Use cases show that Digital Automatic Couplers enhance the competitiveness of rail freight by reducing turnaround times, improving the overall carrying capacity of freight trains and strengthening the reliability of rail freight.

DAC will enable the implementation of train protection systems and better braking capacity, leading to improved traffic planning and accessibility. This new type of coupler for freight trains will eliminate the need for workers to enter the Berne Rectangle and perform repeated manual tasks during shunting and assembly operations. This makes work safer and preserves the health of railway workers.

Product Advantages

  • Robust and reliable modular design enabling customised solutions
  • Automatic coupling process, which increases safety and saves time for manual operations
  • Enables easy and fast installation, retrofittable and plug & play ready
  • Easy maintenance (lubrication-free draft gear and greasing coupler head without uncoupling)
  • Secure low LCC (operational, personnel, maintenance)

Product Details

Features of the draft gear
  • Balanced draft gear
  • Elastomer springs
  • Mechanical stroke indicators
  • Lubrification-free
  • Fits standard UIC 530-1 coupler pocket
  • Angular movements: horizontal ±15°; vertical ±11°
Features of the coupler head
  • Latch type coupler – Type Dellner DAC
  • Draft/buff 1000/2000 kN
  • Robust & proven service
  • Large gathering range: vertical +/-140 mm; horizontal -275 / +370 mm
  • Greasing without uncoupling
  • Socket joint interface
Features of the add-ons for customization
  • Front face pneumatic valve for additional airline connection between wagons
  • Remote uncoupling capability
  • Configurable electric couplers
If you have any questions, please contact our Dellner Products expert: JOHAN ÅHMAN Dellner Product Manager Couplers JOHAN ÅHMAN Product Manager Couplers

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