Dellner Privacy Notice

Processing of personal data

Our core privacy values

Dellner Couplers AB including its subsidiaries (“DELLNER”, “we”, “us”) is the responsible entity (data controller) for the processing of your personal data as described in this privacy policy. We care about our customers and their privacy and undertake to respect and protect your personal data and privacy in accordance with applicable laws, including but not limited to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), industry rules and other related standards. In order to help you understand the way we collect and use personal information; we have listed below our core privacy values when it comes to processing personal data. You may always reach out to us on matters of privacy and data protection by contacting us at:.

Data controllers

Dellner Couplers AB has a number of subsidiaries, each responsible for the processing of personal data (and thereby acting as controller of such personal data) within that subsidiary. Privacy matters of all entities are coordinated by Dellner Couplers AB in Sweden, to ensure a consistent and effective processing of privacy related matters. Each controller is listed below:

CountryCompanyContact details
ArgentinaDellner Couplers S.R.LMaipú, 1300 Piso 11 Buenos Aires C1001 CABA, Argentina
+55 11 9 8216 6351
AustraliaDellner Couplers Australia Pty LtdFactory 2/8 Newry Drive New Gisborne Victoria 3438, Australia
+61 3 542 077 32
BrazilDellner do BrasilRua Osasco 949 – G8 Galpão E Cajamar – 07753-040, Brazil
+55 11 9 8216 6351
ChinaDellner Train Connection Systems (Shanghai) Co. Ltd1st floor, Building 3, Li’an Industrial Park, No. 1366, Qixin Road, Minhang District Shanghai 201199 China
+86 21-6442 2182
FranceDellner France50 Rue Jean Zay Bâtiment i5, 69800 Saint-Priest, France
+33 478 207 858
GermanyDellner GmbHIndustriestraße 52 76698 Ubstadt-Weiher, Germany
+49 7253 209 47 700
IndiaDellner India Pvt LtdSurvey No: 59/1, Padur Road, Mevalurkuppam, Sriperumbudur – 602105. Tamil Nadu, India
+91 9811410869
ItalyDellner Italy S.R.LZona Industriale Pescarito Via Pescarito 101B San Mauro Torinese 10099, Italy
+39 011 27 38 911
PolandDellner Sp. z o.o.Gryfa Pomorskiego 55, Str. Miszewko 80-297, Poland
+48 58 77 22 200
SingaporeDellner South East Asia57 Mohd Sultan Road #01-05 Singapore 238997, Singapore
+65 6933 9556
SwedenDellner Couplers ABVikavägen 144, 791 95 Falun, Sweden
+46 23-76 54 00
SwedenDellner Dampers ABIndustrivägen 5, 642 34 Flen, Sweden
+46 23-76 54 00
United KingdomDellner LimitedHearthcote Road Swadlincote DE11 9DX, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
+44 1283 221122
USADellner Inc.4016 Shutterfly Road Charlotte, NC 28217, United States
+1 704 527 21 21

Data protection program

Dellner works continually with data protection within the organization and has established a privacy program for privacy matters and appointed a global privacy team. The privacy program ensures effective and ongoing work with privacy matters within Dellner and a Dellner way of working with data protection. The program includes an established framework on how to work with privacy, appointment of privacy coordinators, privacy training of relevant staff, regular assessments of compliance with privacy legislations and thorough privacy processes and privacy instructions.

Dellner uses a system called Trustview GDPR for the monitoring of its GDPR-compliance and the privacy framework.

Data we hold

As a customer, supplier, visitor, or other associate of Dellner, we try to keep the processing of your personal data as low as possible. Nevertheless, it is important to us that you are aware of which personal data of yours we collect, how we collect it and what we use it for.


As a customer of Dellner, the only information we process is your contact information, consisting of your name, working title, phone number, email address and postal address. This information is used in order to keep in touch with you during projects and to make sure that you are happy with our business relationship. If you have attended a training at Dellner, which certifies you to conduct overhauls and maintenance on Dellner’s products, we will use your personal information (first and last name as well as your email address) to keep track of your certification status. We also to a low extent use this information for marketing via e-mail. When you receive such a marketing e-mail, you have the possibility to opt out of our e-mail list. We collect this information from publicly available sources, for example your website, or from information which has been given to us, either in connection with a collaboration or by you yourself.


As a supplier of Dellner we use your contact information in order to facilitate our business relationship. This contact information consists of your name, working title, phone number, email address and postal address (to your working place).


In order to keep track of all visitors at our Dellner facilities, we keep a record of all visitors that are in our Dellner facilities at any given time (together with the name of the person the visitor has come to visit). We collect this data at our reception to make sure you are safe in case of a fire alarm or any other safety concerns. This information is also published in the calendar on our intranet, so that our employees know what visitors are currently in our facilities.

Website visitors and social media

As a visitor on our websites or social media we collect the personal data that you provide to us via online forms, chats or similar. We use this personal data to process a request from you or to facilitate the interaction you initiate. We also collect certain personal data if you apply for a job at Dellner, including your contact information, cv, cover letter and certificates.


A cookie is a small piece of data that, if you have allowed cookies to be used on your device, can be stored on your device.

We use cookies or similar technologies to help us analyze our website traffic. You can change your browser settings to allow or block cookies from being stored on your computer, and you can remove these cookies from your computer at any time.

If you have allowed the use of cookies, the following data will be collected by us. 

  • Device information: such as the IP address, geographical location, unique device identifier, browser type and language, the server your device is logged into, and the operating system information.
  • Information about your interactions with us: such as how you use our services, including page response times, which content we’ve shown to you, and on which pages, and whether you showed interest in that content by interacting with it.

More information on what cookies we use can be found here:


We use technologies on our website to ensure the functionality of the site, to improve the user-friendliness of the website and thus the user experience, and to enhance its user-friendliness with additional functionalities.

These are the technologies we use:

Legal basis for processing of personal data

If you are a customer or a supplier, we only process your personal data to enter into and uphold a contractual relationship with the company you represent. This personal data is processed based on the legal basis “legitimate interest”.

If you are a visitor to any of our facilities, we only process your personal data to uphold legal requirements of workplace safety and security. This personal data is processed based on the legal basis “legal requirement” or in some cases your “consent”.

If you are a website or social media visitor, we process your personal data to handle website request, job applications or inquiries from you based on your “consent” or as part of a contractual relationship with the company you represent based on “legitimate interest”. Personal data collected in cookies or similar technologies is collected on the legal basis “consent”.

For spontaneous job applications sent through other means of communication than our interactive application tool on our website, we use the legal basis “legitimate interest”.

Data Retention

We only keep your data as long as necessary to fulfil our contractual or other obligations towards you and /or as required by statutory retention periods. This means, inter alia, that we will delete personal data as soon as we do not have a legal basis for holding that data at Dellner. For example, when processing personal data regarding you as a representative of a supplier, we will retain your personal data for the duration of your employment with the supplier and as long as the business relationship with the supplier remains active.

Information security

Dellner utilizes appropriate and reasonable legal, technical and organizational security measures, including It-security and physical security measures, to adequately protect personal data.

These measures are appropriate to the risks posed by the processing of personal data and to the sensitivity of the personal data and take into account the requirements of applicable local law.

We also apply the principles of the ISO 27001 standard, an International recognized standard on requirements for information security management, to ensure an effective and robust information security framework within our organization. Our work covers several critical domains related to information security including, for example, asset management, access control, cryptography, physical security, operation security, communication security, incident management and disaster recovery. In addition, the security measures we take are continuously improved in line with the development of available security products and services.

Sharing of information

Dellner is a global organization with offices and operations throughout the world, and your personal data may be transferred or be accessible internationally throughout Dellner’s global business and between its various entities and affiliates.

In addition to the sharing of personal data between Dellner entities and affiliates as set out above, Dellner may also share your personal data with certain categories of third parties, including:

  • Business partners, such as Dellner’s suppliers and service providers in connection with their provision of products and services to Dellner, such as IT service providers, external recruiters etc.
  • Professional advisors, such as insurers, lawyers, and other professional advisors in connection with insurance claims, audits, and the receipt of advisory services.
  • Counterparties and their advisors, in connection with merger and acquisition projects.
  • Governmental authorities, regulatory authorities, and other public and judicial bodies in connection with legal obligations such as court orders or legal reporting requirements or if considered necessary in exceptional cases to protect the vital interest of you or others.
  • Public authorities, in charge of export control and customs.

Any third-party business partners and other entities to whom personal data is disclosed, are expected and required to protect the confidentiality and security of your personal data and may only use your personal data in compliance with applicable data privacy laws and regulations.

Further, in the event any Dellner entity that is located within the EU/EEA transfers personal data to external third parties that are located outside of the EU/EEA the relevant Dellner entity will make sure there are appropriate safeguards in place which provide adequate levels of protection of your personal data as required by applicable data privacy laws (including the EU General Data Protection Regulation). For example, this may include the use of secure transfer of data, encryption and the EU approved Standard Contractual Clauses or such other mechanisms as have been recognized or approved by the relevant authorities from time to time.

Your rights when we process personal data

We make every effort to ensure that all data we process is accurate. This does of course also apply to any personal information we process. The GDPR gives you as the owner of your personal data many rights, which we describe below.

1. You are entitled to review and verify all information we have on file about you by requesting a transcript of your record (free of charge).

2. You also have the right to correct inaccurate or incomplete information, object to or request restriction of a processing activity concerning yourself and to a certain extent request the deletion of your personal data (“right to be forgotten”). However, please be aware that certain legal obligations may prevent us from immediately deleting parts of your personal data. Obligations under e.g., accounting requirements, taxation and employment laws etc. may require that we keep certain parts of your personal data. In such case, we will make sure to block all data from being used for any other purposes than meeting such legal requirements.

3. If we base our data processing on consent, you have the right to retract such a consent and thereby prohibiting any further processing of personal data based on that consent.

4. You also have the right of data portability, meaning you have the right to have personal data you have provided to us transferred to another party of your choice.

5. You may also contact the supervisory authority with any complaints you have regarding the processing of personal data that we carry out. 

If you wish to request a transcript, rectification and erasure or have any other questions or request relating to our processing of your personal data, please contact us at .

This privacy notice was last updated in December 2023.