Supply Chain

We keep things running

Working in a supply chain means that you take care of everything related to the logistics and procurement of goods. At Dellner, this is the responsibility of the Procurement and Global Planning and Logistics business units. In both teams you can flourish and have a lot of fun together despite all the important tasks you’ll have to perform.


The main task in procurement is ensuring long-term cooperation with our supplier base. We are a company that is constantly evolving, looking for new and better solutions and working to develop our suppliers.

A significant part of the responsibility involved in working in procurement is to ensure the right level of cost, a manageable lead time and a satisfactory level of service. In our company, tough but fruitful negotiations take place almost every week! Our suppliers are selected in close cooperation with the quality department and our engineers to ensure that the suppliers’ knowledge is incorporated into our own product development.

Global Planning and Logistics

Our goal is to enable high utilisation and productivity in production, keep the supply chain stable and ultimately ensure on-time delivery to our customers. We focus on our customers’ needs and align all material flows and production planning with the capacities in our manufacturing and assembly.

Responsibilities within our planning and logistics teams range from sourcing materials, planning and coordinating the assembly of new sales and service projects to shipping products at the right time. Collaboration plays a very important role cross-functionally with other departments within the company to improve all processes wherever possible.

This also happens on a global level with our planning and logistics teams in the various countries. For this work we have our Global Logistic Developers who operate on a global level with training, developing and promoting best practices across all our teams!

Responsibilities and tasks

  • Select, audit and approve suppliers
  • Negotiate supply terms for healthy profitability, cash flow and product supply
  • Ensure that incoming and outgoing deliveries are correctly planned and executed according to plan and demand
  • Provide global internal training and coaching and improve processes and ways of working
  • Handle transport management system and execute advanced export/import orders worldwide