Automatic Couplers

For Passenger Trains

Automatic couplers connect rolling stock and enable the instant connection of rail vehicles without human intervention.

Dellner couplers are equipped with energy absorbing devices absorbing kinetic energy during daily operation of rail vehicles, during coupling and in the event of a collision of rail vehicles. Dellner’s reliable functionality is constantly proven by thousands of couplers on the trains around the world.

Compatible with Every Other Brand

Depending on the region and type of train, many different automatic coupling systems are used around the globe. We offer a wide range of available coupler heads in our products portfolio which makes our couplers compatible with almost every type of automatic coupler in the world.

Dellner can provide couplers equipped with latch coupling mechanism (type 10, type 12, type 330), SA-3, AAR, Tomlinson, BSI and many other coupler head types.

Safe and Reliable

Our multi-function automatic couplers for passenger trains provide safe and reliable mechanical, pneumatical as well as electrical connections between vehicles. An optimised energy absorption system gives maximum protection for the vehicle and its passengers.

Modular Concept

The modular concept of Dellner’s automatic couplers offers additional flexibility and functionality to railway companies. Operators benefit from this concept through better spare parts availability and lower maintenance costs.

The modular approach is also important for train builders as we can offer shorter lead times by arranging delivery as soon as the order is placed and speeding up their production.