For Train Couplers

Adapters for train couplers allow different types of coupler heads to be connected on the front sides of the vehicles. They can also compensate for a vertical offset between vehicles with different ride heights.

Choosing the right adapter depends on capacity requirements, customer preferences and local regulations. As the world’s leading manufacturer of train connection systems with more than 81 years of experience in the development and production of couplers, we can provide you with the best possible support in selecting the right adapter for your application, bearing both performance and cost in mind.

Coupler adapter

Compatible with every coupler head in the world

Dellner offers a full range of adapters for train couplers that are compatible with all couplers in service around the world. Dellner adapters provide safe and reliable connections when towing trains or in emergency situations.

Coupler adapters

Highest performance and functionality

Dellner adapters for train couplers are available with main reservoir pipe (MRP) and brake pipe (BP) pneumatic connections. Their design is optimised to meet the weight and force level requirements of each coupler system.