For Passenger Trains

What makes a good gangway system? It should offer passengers a safe and comfortable transition between train cars, be reliable, simple to mount and couple and easy to maintain for the train operator.

Moreover, it should provide aesthetic internal and external finish. Dellner achieves these goals by using high quality materials and an intelligent design, which is tailored to each train application by our experienced gangway designers.

Dellner gangways UK

Durable and Sustainable Materials

Dellner gangway’s bellows are manufactured from laminates (flat stocks) which have proven capabilities in several thousand gangways in operation worldwide. In addition, endurance testing has shown enhanced performance in terms of longevity and fatigue.

Dellner’s flat stocks do not contain any glass fibers, or harmful materials. It is also compliant with the European Union’s REACH regulation to improve the protection of human health and the environment by avoiding the need for expensive and inconvenient waste streams at future disposal.

Dellner gangways Brazil

Ready for all tasks

We are focused on responding to the most demanding requirements of our customers. That is why our customised gangways are very much adapted to their needs. This includes:

  • type of train application
  • degree of fire resistance
  • degree of noise damping
  • shapes and sizes
  • colours and materials
  • resistance to environmental influences such as cold, heat, sand, dust or UV radiation
Dellner India gangways

Developed, tested and manufactured in the UK and India

We develop, test and manufacture all Dellner gangway systems in our world-class, fully equipped factories in the UK and India. This gives us great flexibility to meet the global demand of our customers. All Dellner gangways designs undergo a standardized test program, including on our new state-of-the-art Hexapod test rig, to secure product quality and safety.

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