We connect the world

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In our global world, the challenges are increasing to shape the common future of us all.  At Dellner, we want our actions and solutions to make a sustainable contribution to addressing and overcoming these challenges.

For us, it’s all about connecting: we connect trains with state of the art coupling systems and gangways. We connect yesterday with tomorrow by making the environmentally friendly transport mode of train travel safer and more digital, leading it into the future. And finally, as a global company, Dellner connects people and cultures around the planet every day: whether employees, business partners, customers or passengers on a train.

In doing so, we always remain true to our roots as a Swedish engineering office, which in over 83 years has become a company with locations on five continents. Fundamental values such as pioneering spirit, commitment, openness, fairness and equality still characterise us today.
With our owner, the purpose driven global investment organisation EQT, we have the security to continue on this path of growth and sustainability in the future.

Mission vision & values


Dellner provides Train Connection Systems with innovative and sustainable concept and excellent global services, which makes travel safer and more reliable.


To be the number one global supplier of safe and high quality Train Connection Systems and Services, supporting the most environmentally friendly way of travelling.


Dellner values respect

We do business with integrity and in an ethical manner. We respect future generations and work continuously to minimize impacts on the environment.

Dellner values action

We are energetic, we get things done efficiently while achieving high quality. We have a constant drive to improve our performance and learn from our experiences.

Dellner values joy

We celebrate success, we are proud to contribute to our society and support our customers.


We are stronger as a team and we benefit from our differences. We create a working environment free from discrimination and support each other to develop as individuals and as a group.