Spare parts

For Train Connection Systems

Key Advantages

  • Optimized supply chain and strategic stock offerings
  • Global network for fast deliveries
  • Higher availability of your fleet
  • One-stop service partner
  • Fully validated and traceable spare parts
  • Dellner warranty

Spare parts for Train Connection Systems are important to ensure the reliable operation of trains at all times. In practice, spare parts for couplers, gangways or dampers must meet high quality standards and be available quickly at all times. With spare parts from Dellner Service, train operators and train maintainers have optimum operational safety for the management of their railway fleet.

We meet the highest quality standards 

Safety first: Dellner spare parts for Train Connection Systems meet all the standards that customers in the rail industry expect. This means that our spare parts are manufactured to the highest railway quality standards: they are validated, certified and traceable.

Short lead times improve economic efficiency

Dellner products are modular in design which enables us to optimize our supply chain and build an intelligently calculated inventory of spare parts in our global warehouses. This strategy allows us to provide tailored worldwide support with spare parts to our customers when an urgent need appears that requires a quick product repair or replacement of a single component. As a customer, you benefit from this strategy through shorter delivery times, resulting in reduced stock holdings at your premises and improving your working capital costs too.

Spare parts for every Train Connection Systems

Dellner is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of couplers, gangways, and dampers. Due to our extensive know-how and our production capabilities, we can offer spare parts for all Train Connection Systems on the market – regardless of whether the parts come from Dellner or a third-party manufacturer (non-OEM). 

If you have any questions, please contact our Dellner Service expert: Magnus Andersson MAGNUS ANDERSSON Global Support Manager

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