• Dellner headquarters Sweden
  • Dellner headquarters Sweden

Dellner Couplers’ headquarters are in Sweden. This is where the success story of what is now the world’s leading manufacturer of Train Connection Systems began over eighty years ago. The headquarters are still located in the small town of Vika, which belongs to the borough of Falun in the province of Dalarna.

Today, more than 200 employees work at the Vika headquarters. In addition to the Dellner Couplers AB management, all central services with the management of the various Business Units as well as the administration of the company are located here. Furthermore, a large engineering department, the sales and service teams for the Scandinavian market are located at the Swedish headquarters.

The place where it all began

In 1941, Swedish engineer and train expert Jan Dellner received his first order: the production of automatic couplers for Swedish State Railways (SJ). It was the beginning of a success story that has now lasted over eight decades. The small Jan Dellner Engineering Office thus became Dellner Couplers AB, founded in 1983, which was family-owned for two generations until it was transferred into the hands of the investment group EQT in 2019.

Despite the steady growth and transformation of a small engineering company to a globally operating Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for Train Connection Systems, Dellner has always remained a Swedish company with a strong engineering spirit at its heart. To this day, values such as Respect, Action, Joy and Team drive the company.


From our headquarters in Vika, Sweden, we aid Dellner’s transformation into an even more sustainable company. This includes climate protection measures to reduce global CO2 emissions, structuring and ensuring compliance requirements that guarantee responsible business processes in all parts of the company, and monitoring and optimising measures that affect values such as health and safety, well-being and employee diversity.


Dellner Sweden owns an IRIS certificate and is certified according to ISO 3834-2, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and EN 15085-2 (Welding Certificate).


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Peter Woxblom

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