Articulation Joints

For bogie and train interfaces
  • Articulation joint energy absorption
  • Articulation joint without energy absorption

The articulation joints for bogies and trains have been completely redeveloped by our engineers. One of the most important requirements of this new development was to optimize the weight: our new articulation joints are now the smallest and lightest modules available on the market for train connections.

The new articulation joint has been designed as a tailor-made solution to connect both new and existing train and bogie interfaces. It is very easy to assemble and has been engineered to transfer all traction and braking loads from the bogies to the cars under-frame structure and also manages the lateral loads on the bogie connections.

All articulation joints are manufactured to our customers’ specifications so that they meet the force levels defined in the applicable standards and customer specifications. Articulation joints are available as a stiff joint with no energy absorption, or it can be equipped with energy absorption elements to better handle the amount of energy between the cars in the event of an accident.

Product Advantages

  • The trainset can pass faster through curves as shared bogies reduce the lateral stress on roadbed
  • Reduced train weight due to fewer wheels, improving train performance and decreasing track wear
  • The train moves as one unit as the cars share the bogie, which improves travelling comfort
  • The train can be wider than conventional trains with the same track and tunnel profile, allowing wider aisles and seats

Product Details

  • Lighter and safer than standard deformation tube used in the intermediate system
  • The design can be more compact, since a circular interface is not needed
  • Meets the force levels defined by standards and customers
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