Semi-Permanent Couplers

For Passenger Trains

Semi-permanent couplers are particularly suitable for the manual coupling of trains that rarely need to be separated. They ensure safe and rigid connections between units, making them a durable and cost-effective option for connecting regional, intercity and metro trains.

Dellner semi permanent coupler

Performance, Quality and Safety

We manufacture semi-permanent couplers with both electrical and pneumatic connections. In addition, we can provide our semi-permanent couplers with gangway support and incorporate shock absorbing elements to ensure that trains have maximum safety in the event of a collision.

Dellner semi permanent coupler

Fast spare parts availability

To minimise downtime for repairs, we guarantee high availability of all spare parts for Dellner semi-permanent couplers. For train operators, this means that they can rely on short lead times when operating the trains and thereby keep maintenance costs as low as possible.

Modular concept

Like our automatic couplers, Dellner’s semi-permanent couplers can also be designed according to a modular concept. With more than 500 options for coupler design, our semi-permanent couplers are extremely flexible. They can be adapted to any train system.

The modular concept – in addition to the high availability of spare parts – also ensures shorter lead times and better availability of spare parts to make train maintenance more economical.

Select the semi-permanent coupler for your application