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Dellner is a Swedish manufacturer and service partner of Train Connection Systems for the railway industry. The key to our success is our most valuable resource: more than 1000 employees around the world. Our global, ethnically diverse team works together in various departments such as engineering, production or sales to create the technical conditions for future sustainable mobility.

What makes a career at Dellner so special is our desire to create connections. We transform the challenges of the present into sustainable solutions for the future, turn individual employees into cooperative teams, customers and suppliers into loyal business partners and connect individual wagons into entire trains with our couplings and gangways.

That’s why our motto is: “At Dellner, everything is perfectly CONNECTED!”

Company Values

Our core values are the soul of Dellner. They guide us in our actions and daily business decisions. Below you can learn more about what they mean for us as an organisation and as individuals.

We do business with integrity and in an ethical manner. We respect future generations and work continuously to minimize impacts on the environment.
  • What RESPECT means to us…

    RESPECT is a value that is genuine and visible in Dellner, as reflected in the way we do business. I perceive it as a value chain, which starts at the management level, goes through  Dellner employees, reaches our customers, suppliers, local communities and is finally reflected in protection of the environment and nature”.

    Katarzyna Król

    Business Unit Manager Dellner Service, Dellner Poland

    Katarzyna Król
  • What RESPECT means to us…

    Our shared RESPECT allows us to communicate smoothly internally as well as with customers and suppliers”.

    Isak Welander

    Mechanical Design Engineer, Dellner Sweden

We are energetic, we get things done efficiently while achieving high quality. We have a constant drive to improve our performance and learn from our experiences.
  • What ACTION means to us…

    ACTION to me means fostering responsibility in our daily operations until our work is accomplished or complete. This means taking ownership of projects while remaining accountable and trustworthy. Fundamentally it’s about caring about the work each of us produces, being smart and paying attention to how work brings us all together to reach our common goals.

    Beau Nash

    Area Sales Manager, Dellner Service Australia

    Beau Nash Dellner Australia
  • What ACTION means to us…

    ACTION for me means to get our assembly team to work for our daily or weekly goals, every day or every week”.

    Thomas Bergström

    Assembly Technician, Dellner Sweden

We celebrate success, we are proud to contribute to our society and support our customers.
  • What JOY means to us…

    “JOY in Dellner is the opportunity to experience a diversity of people, the feeling of acceptence and belonging, enthusiasm when facing challengess”.

    Emilia Guździoł

    Strategic Purchaser, Dellner Poland

  • What JOY means to us…

    “JOY to me means the feeling I myself get when others do well at whatever project they’re working on, I also feel it when the company itself is doing well. I am not selfless though. I feel it inside when I complete a project on, or ahead of, time”.

    Dale Varney

    Assembly Technician, Dellner USA

We are stronger as a team and we benefit from our differences. We create a working environment free from discrimination and support each other to develop as individuals and as a group.
  • What TEAM means to us…

    For me, TEAM means a “place” where I know that I can get support and at the same time I can support others and offer my point of view. It is an ‘I’ that becomes a ‘WE’, with the common aim of providing the customers with better solutions“.

    Ciro Ammirati

    Sales Engineer, Dellner Italy

  • What TEAM means to us…

    TEAM for me is working as a multi-functional and often multi-cultural group, toward a common goal, supporting each other all the way and having fun together“.

    Maria Johnson

    Global Logistics Developer, Dellner Sweden

    Maria Johnson