Of train connection systems

Key Advantages

  • Product life cycle reset to ensure guaranteed functionality and safety until the next overhaul period
  • Extended Dellner warranty for parts exchanged and work undertaken​
  • Safety stock of spare parts for Train Connection Systems​
  • Minimize risk of unexpected failures​
  • Opportunity for upgrades (including digitalization)

The connection system is a safety critical part of every passenger train. Therefore, it is important that all related components such as couplers, dampers and gangways are overhauled at regular intervals. At Dellner Service, we carry out the overhaul of the Train Connection System in close consultation with our customers. We thereby consider the specific requirements of each train.

Refurbishement of train BSI type coupler

Customised Overhaul Program

Intervals for the overhaul of Train Connection Systems are often based on the time of use and the distance travelled. However, in our experience, overhaul intervals should also be guided by additional factors such as operational and environmental variables. For this reason, our technical experts recommend first assessing the condition of the equipment to then determine the detailed scope of work for the overhaul program.

Overhaul service of automatic coupler at Dellner Italy

Stringent Checks and On-Condition Parts

During the overhaul of couplers, gangways and other parts of the Train Connection Systems, we undertake rigorous checks of critical components, including repair and – if necessary – replacement of worn or damaged components. Through mutual agreement we can also create a safety stock of on-condition parts. In this way, the lead time of our products can be minimized, which in turn reduces the downtime of your fleet.

The perfect overhaul setup for your needs 

The overhaul of a Train Connection System is a very complex operation that requires not only trained personnel but also special equipment. For this reason, we recommend having all service work carried out at our local Dellner authorized service facilities or in our mobile service containers. This has the additional advantage that we are able to offer a flexible setup, tailored to our customers’ requirements. 


If you have any questions, please contact our Dellner Service expert: MAGNUS ANDERSSON: Dellner Global Support Manager MAGNUS ANDERSSON Global Support Manager

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