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Dellner employees

Dellner’s growth success would not have been possible without our employees’ commitment, skills, knowledge and ambition. They are the ones who are at the heart of our company. Meet some of them describing their journey.

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Malin Karlsson

Malin’s career at Dellner began in December 2019. She was already a proven financial expert by then, having previously worked as a certified public accountant in one of the major accounting firms for eight years, among other positions. Malin started her job at Dellner as Group Accounting Specialist in the finance department at our head office in Vika.

As a few months earlier the Swedish private equity firm EQT had acquired Dellner, a new chapter began at that time on many levels of our company. Malin became a part of this journey. And there was immediately a lot to do. One of her first tasks was to introduce the new international accounting standards IFRS. She quickly took on more and more responsibility: the consolidation and reporting process had to be strengthened and formalised, management reporting had to be adapted to the requirements of the new owners, and new auditors had to be appointed in the Dellner Group and its subsidiaries.

In 2021, Malin was promoted to Group Accounting Manager. Today she is responsible for the accounting and consolidation process of the Dellner Group. Her finance colleagues are not only based in Sweden, but in 14 different countries around the globe. As she says, that is one of the things she likes most about her job at Dellner: having daily contact with so many people from different cultures and with different experiences.

Jonas Lundqvist

Jonas started his career at Dellner more than 20 years ago. He joined us in May 2002 as a RAMS/LCC Engineer. It was his first real job after graduating from Luleå University of Technology with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. His work as a RAMS Engineer – the abbreviation stands for Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety – gave him a good system overview and provided him with many customer contacts.

In early 2005, Jonas moved into design engineering (today we call it Mechanical Design Engineer) and was successfully involved in customer projects, which led to his promotion to Lead Engineer in late 2005. In 2013, Jonas was offered the opportunity to move to a management position, as a colleague was taking well-deserved retirement. So Jonas took up his first position as Engineering Manager with his own team of mechanical and electrical engineers in Vika.

As the company grew and the engineering department expanded, the couplers business unit was introduced. Jonas’ team was expanded in 2021 and the work was reorganised. In the process, Jonas was first promoted to Design Manager Couplers, before taking up his new role as Global Design Engineering Manager in 2022, after 20 years at Dellner.