Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Dellner employees diversity inclusion

Diversity and equal opportunities are some of the pillars of our core values. The team culture at Dellner is an important key to our business success. We benefit from our differences in an environment free of discrimination and support each other to develop as individuals.

Diversity criteria are an integral part of our company KPIs, including monthly monitoring of women in managerial or leadership positions. In addition, we review equality on an annual basis in our employee engagement survey.

Cathy Li Dellner China
Since joining Dellner in May 2021, I have been very excited to take on the new role as Managing Director of Dellner China and have learned and done many valuable things on this new journey in my personal professional life. For me, diversity, equality and inclusion mean respecting other opinions, keeping empathy in my heart, creating a transparent and fair working environment and always trusting people.
Cathy Li Managing Director, Dellner China
Shakeel Siddigue
Joining Dellner was one of my best decisions. It is a great place to contribute and learn, with great colleagues who are always there to help and guide you. I believe within Dellner, we all have equal opportunities to thrive.  It is inspirational to hear stories from my colleagues on how they have progressed their careers. This gives me sense of security and a feeling of inclusion as well as equality. I am part of a team and we are all working towards a common goal.
Shakeel Siddigue Mechanical Design Engineer, Dellner Sweden
Joanna Siemieniuk Managing Director and President of the Management Board
Thinking “Dellner” always reminds me of my early experience as a player on a volleyball team. At that time, diverse personalities created some higher unity of will and strength aimed towards victory in an almost miraculous way. Years later, when I started working for Dellner, I quickly realised how natural it was for me to function here. Dellner implements the fine art of being together despite one’s differences. It being called a place for everyone is not a platitute here. The core values of the company, such as Respect, Action, Joy and Team (which we always strive to live up to ), make the Dellner experience so satisfying, enriching and surprising. And here I am, 15 years later, managing Dellner Poland, the biggest branch in the Dellner Group. I am surrounded by a fantastic team of women and men of different ages, education, religion, family backgrounds and political views. This very special and diverse team stands behind Dellner’s success, but what is more: behind the personal growth and success of many of our team members. I am really proud and happy to be a part of the diverse Dellner team.
Joanna Siemieniuk Managing Director and President of the Management Board, Dellner Poland