Hybrid DAC

Digital Automatic Coupler for Locomotives
  • DAC hybrid

Operators are confronted with the challenge of keeping operations running smoothly during the changeover from screw couplers to the new Digital Automatic Couplers (DAC). During a transitional period, freight wagons will be on the rails with both the new and the old coupling system.

To assist train operators, Dellner DAC has developed hybrid couplers for locomotives that allow easy switching between DAC couplers and screw couplers. This enables the operator to equip the locomotive with a coupler that always meets the requirements of the respective train configuration.

In DAC coupling mode, the hybrid couplers offer all the functions and advantages of a single DAC coupler. They are based on a modular concept that simplifies customised integration into locomotives while being incredibly cost-efficient.

Product Advantages

  • Simplify the connection of old and new fleets
  • Available with full automation
  • Equipped with all DAC functions

Product Details

  • Fully compatible with screw coupling interfaces
  • Fully compatible with DAC interfaces
  • Locomotive interface can be adapted
If you have any questions, please contact our Dellner Products expert: JOHAN ÅHMAN Dellner Product Manager Couplers JOHAN ÅHMAN Product Manager Couplers

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