Crash Boxes

Crash Energy Management outside the coupler

Crash boxes provide an incredibly high energy absorption capacity. They operate in parallel with the coupler and are usually combined with anti-climb devices to achieve optimal structural collapse, as they are not designed to transfer high vertical and lateral loads.

Product Details

  • Stroke: 50-1000 mm
  • Force: 200-3000 kN
  • Non-reversible energy absorption (must be replaced after use)
  • Not velocity dependent
  • Almost 100% efficiency
  • Absorbs the remaining impact after the initial collision
  • Shape can vary to fit available space
  • Release/shear bolts ensure that the coupler is released in a controlled manner and pushes through the towing pocket without affecting the crash boxes or cab structure
If you have any questions, please contact our Dellner Products expert: JOHAN ÅHMAN Dellner Product Manager Couplers JOHAN ÅHMAN Product Manager Couplers

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