Press release 03.10.2022

Dellner is partnering with Siemens Mobility on Railigent X

The Dellner ConneXion and Monitoring DXM service uses sensors and a communication box to measure key parameters in Dellner’s safety-critical Train Connection Systems.

Through remote diagnostics, safety and reliability can be continuously measured, whilst life cycle costs can be improved through condition-based maintenance.

Dellner has already successfully tested the aggregation and transmission of operational data on ten couplers in Stockholm on C20 trains with MTR. Over 60 million data points were transmitted using DXM boxes in 28 months of service, starting August 2018.

Partner of Railigent X

Siemens Mobility, a world leader in transportation and digitalization, deployed its condition monitoring platform for improved operation, optimized maintenance, higher cost-efficiency, and ultimately 100% availability of rolling stock and wayside assets. With Railigent X the application suite that leverages IoT and AI for rail assets, Siemens is taking an open ecosystem approach to bring on-board leading experts for the most crucial systems on a train and infrastructure.

The partner ecosystem combines digital best-in-class partner solutions with in-house solutions. It enables partners to develop and operationalize industrial grade analytics & AI models to achieve maximized system availability and reliability. Dellner Couplers AB is one of the current 29 Railigent X partners worldwide.

Benefits in train operation

To demonstrate the benefit of the partnership approach for condition monitoring, ten couplers of the UK CL350 have been equipped with DXM sensors and a data transmission box, to minimize delays due to failed couplings and to reduce maintenance effort.

The coupler data is enriched with selected vehicle data from Railigent X, which is made available through a data API. 

The operator West Midlands Trains and asset owner Angel Trains Limited are supporting this approach due to the following benefits:

  • Improved diagnostic capability through real-time data access for reduced response time
  • Optimized life-cycle costs
  • Contribution to 100% coupling success rate and no delayed service
  • Increased safety 
  • Dellner gains access to relevant data through Railigent X to further improve algorithms

Market introduction is currently being prepared

Dellner will overhaul the couplers according to plan at the beginning of 2023, where the physical condition inspection can be compared to the virtual condition of the data-driven digital twin for each coupler. 

Commercial utilization of this promising partnership approach is in preparation.