Press release 14.01.2022

The Universal Barrier Vehicles ready for lease NOW

​An idea turns into reality!
Dellner and MGRL have been working in partnership. The Universal Barrier Vehicles are complete and ready for lease NOW.

The Universal Barrier vehicles have undergone a product improvement procedure to upgrade their versatility and functionality to provide translator capability. Our unique Universal coupling System connected with interchangeable coupler heads, including Dellner Type 10+12, Latch Type 10 +136, Tightlock, and Wedgelock, provides a unique and highly efficient coupling solution to the railway industry for vehicle haulage, commissioning, and rescue purposes.
The recent upgrade package includes a brake interface unit, which converts the break demand from the powering locomotive into electrical signals, is compatible with the Alston Aventra EMU TCMS. This means that brake force vehicles are not required to move new units. This technological innovation offers freight operating companies improved vehicle leasing benefits, lower track access charges, and significant operational efficiency improvements.
To secure these vehicles and take advantage of the many benefits that these vehicles can provide, contact MGRL on +44 1795 431817 or visit