Press release 30.04.2021

The DEX500 new order

​Dellner has been awarded an order to supply DEX500 Ethernet Transmission Modems and cabling to Siemens Mobility, in the USA. Our Ethernet transmission solution – DEX500 – will be installed on Bombardier Flexity LRVs, in Minneapolis, as part of a vehicle modernization program awarded to Siemens. DEX500 will be mounted near the coupler, inside the train, allowing no need for modification to the mechanical or electrical coupler. Connected to three spare lines of the electrical coupler, the ethernet signals are modulated to a high-frequency signal which is then sent via the electrical head to the receiving DEX500 unit that is forwarding the Ethernet data to the train network after remodulation.
Our DEX500 is a cost-effective choice for customers planning a vehicle digitalization upgrade and needing to transfer non-safety critical Ethernet data from car to car (such as infotainment and data to feed the passenger information systems).
Fleet photo by Sinn-Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,