Press release 14.10.2021

New order from CRRC Tangshan Co. LTD.

Dellner received an order from CRRC Tangshan Co., LTD. to equip its 100 new wide-gauge coaches with Semi-Automatic Couplers of the type AAR-H with the Draft Gear and Intermediate Couplers. The ten 10-cars trainsets will be delivered to the national operator Bangladesh Railways in early 2022. Scheduled to enter service in June of the same year, the fleet will be rolling into the 225km Padma Bridge Rail Link, running among Dhaka, Bhanga, and Jessore. The link will form the future backbone of the rail network in Bangladesh Southwest, providing a direct connection with the capital. Still, the Padma Bridge will connect Bangladesh to the Northeastern and Southwestern regions, reinforcing our mission of providing highly reliable Train Connection Systems to these rail coaches.

At Dellner, we feel honored to contribute with CRRC Tangshan Co., LTD. to such an important project knowing that the railcars will be the primary mass transportation connecting the regions, improving the current traffic conditions and empowering the national economy of Bangladesh.

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