Press release 01.06.2021

Energy absorber for LRVs from Skoda Transtech

Dellner Dampers supplies absorber solutions for Light Rail Vehicles in Helsinki

Dellner Dampers received an order from Skoda Transtech to supply side-buffers for the 23 LRVs of the type ForCity Smart Artic X54 to be serviced by the Helsinki transport operator HKL. The trams will operate on the future 10km line across the Crown Bridges, one of the three major bridges, linking the Laajasalo District of Eastern Helsinki with Korkeasaari Island and Kalasatama District to the City Centre.
These LRVs will be identical to the 29 previously ordered for the Raide-Jokeri orbital light rail Route 550, under construction between Helsinki and Espoo.
Being the supplier of Energy Absorption elements since 2012 for Jokeri, Tampere, and the Arctic projects, at Dellner, we are glad to keep our excellent relationship with Skoda Transtech.