Press release 18.09.2020

CONNECT with Dellner at the WEBINAR

Carrying out customized condition assessment for overhaul can reduce cost to maintainers and result in improved fleet availability and longer life for the coupler system. Put Dellner to work for you to define a specific scope for overhaul based on real world data!

Dellner multi-function couplers provide safe and reliable connections between vehicles. They also optimize energy absorption, giving the maximum protection for the vehicle and its passengers.

During the webinar, we will guide you through the process of coupler overhaul and answer you those questions:

  • Why a thorough overhaul process is so important for the safety of a train?
  • What maintenance activities should be performed in order to prolong the life of the system?
  • How can Dellner support you to deliver the best value?

Why you should watch/participate?

If you want to gain the knowledge on what the overhaul process entails and how Dellner offers detailed condition assessments to maximize value to our customers, this webinar is for you!

Our Targetgroup for this webinar:

  • Railway Operators
  • Train Owners
  • Train Maintainers

Is registration necessary?

  • The time period for registration is over.

Webinar language:

  • ​English