For Regional and Intercity Trains
  • Dellner gangways
  • Model of customisable Dellner gangway. Build for commuter, regional and intercity trains.

Regional and intercity trains connect city districts or suburbs with each other or run in a loop through the metropolitan area. Easy access to all stations and a comfortable ride make travelling a pleasant experience for train passengers.

This places special challenges on gangways: Due to large tunnel networks, gangway systems for regional and intercity trains often require particularly high sound insulation. And they must ensure easy and convenient access between carriages, especially for people with trolly bags or wheelchair users. In some regional and intercity trains, passengers must also be able to stand in the gangway area.

Usually regional and intercity trains are connected with a special type of joint so that there is no lateral displacement of the gangways. This allows passengers to walk on the gangway floor with reduced vibration and lateral shifting.

Dellner gangways for intercity and regional trains are designed with these demands in mind. In addition, high quality requirements apply to the production of our gangways. This is because Dellner gangways are designed as durable products that require little maintenance over the lifetime of a train.


Product Advantages

  • Higher sound insulation
  • Passageway suitable for wheelchairs and trollies
  • Simple design of floor system with anti-slip property
  • Few standard colors of interior bellow fabric (gray, dark grey, black)
  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning
  • Designed to be low-maintenance, highly reliable unit

Different designs available

  • One-piece gangways
  • Bolted or latching system to the car body side (mostly is bolted)
  • Different floor systems design: bridge plates, metal treadplates, flexible treadplates
  • Bellows: single corrugated, double corrugated
  • Barriers for higher safety
  • Bellow design can be used to hide different cable connections between coaches
  • Gangway system can have additional air duct system
If you have any questions, please contact our Dellner Products expert: Chris Meers: Global Engineering Manager Gangways Dellner Chris Meers Global Engineering Manager Gangways
If you have any questions, please contact our Dellner Products expert: Matt Topham: Global Sales & Project Manager Gangway at Dellner Matt Topham Global Sales & Project Manager Gangways

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