Polymer Spring Bearings

Crash Energy Management inside the coupler

Polymer spring bearings are a reliable and easy-to-maintain way of absorbing energy in a reversible manner. As part of the crash energy management in the coupler, they provide full reversible energy absorption up to moderate speeds.

Available Polymer Spring Bearings

  • Spherical Rubber Bearings
  • EFG2 & EFG 3
  • Polymer Ring Bearing (Rubber Doughnuts)

Product Details

  • Stroke: 7-55 mm
  • Force: Up to 1500 kN
  • Fully reversible energy absorption up to moderate speeds
  • Velocity sensitive
  • Keeps deceleration to a minimum
  • Up to 70% efficiency
If you have any questions, please contact our Dellner Products expert: JOHAN ÅHMAN Dellner Product Manager Couplers JOHAN ÅHMAN Product Manager Couplers

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