Dellner ConneXion & Monitoring

Key Advantages

  • Measuring safety and reliability of safety-critical coupler system through remote diagnostics
  • Full control over life cycle costs through data-driven Condition Based Maintenance
  • DXM user interface can be accessed via single sign on through existing CBM platform or can be fully integrated
A Remote Monitoring Service by Dellner

Train Connection Systems are critical safety components on trains. Through Remote Diagnostics the safety and reliability can be continuously measured, while the life cycle costs can be improved through Condition Based Maintenance. Operational data can be accessed remotely.

In close co-operation between our engineers and the operator recommendations can be given to maximize the train availability. Services can be customized to the actual usage of the coupler.

Dellner Digital Services

How to benefit from DXM services?

  • Different features can be selected for new couplers.
  • Using a train independent DXM box for collecting the data and transmission to an external condition monitoring system, DXM is fully suitable for upgrades or life-time extension programmes.
  • Wireless cloud2cloud connection possible.
  • Data available through existing condition monitoring systems can be evaluated  in such a way that installation of additional hardware for coupler monitoring is not necessary.

Seamless Integration

When designing Dellner ConneXion & Monitoring, it was important to us to make this service very easy to access:

  • On the software side, DXM can be integrated into various condition monitoring platforms, such as Railigent X from Siemens Mobility Services.
  • In the future hardware can be installed via new couplers or as a very easy implement retrofit into an existing system.

Data Dashboard for Desktop and Mobile

Train operators can view all diagnostic data in real time via a software interface. All important information is displayed in a clear dashboard, which provides a graphical view of the diagnostic data at any time, both on a desktop computer and on a mobile phone.


If you have any questions, please contact our Digital Solutions expert: JOHAN ÅHMAN Dellner Product Manager Couplers JOHAN ÅHMAN Product Manager Couplers

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