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D-REXDellner D-REX – Robust High-Speed Ethernet through every car

In 2008, Dellner was first in the rail industry to introduce a high-speed data transmission system over automatic couplers. D-REX is the trade name of our robust and multi-redundant Ethernet connection system, offering cutting-edge through-train digital communication.

From connectors in the coupler to through train data communication backbones

The components in D-REX scalable and modular platform covers the majority of all existing needs on the market – from fail safe multi redundant transmission of 100 Mbit/s signals between cars – to complete 100 Mbit/s through-train IP backbones.

From video surveillance to high-class infotainment

The D-REX system enables applications such as high resolution and continuous real time video surveillance, which is fre- quently required on many subways, commuters and metro trains in the world. To deter, prevent and record vandalism and other crimes, sharp images are essential – both for real time detection in order to minimize response time and as evidence in court.

So you can see why a 100 percent reliable 100 Mbit/s network like the D-REX comes in handy. D-REX also effectively streams high definition media services for infotainment, passenger information systems, PA systems, and diagnostic systems and is used as an advanced communication link for improved rail safety.

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